Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ergon HC1 gloves tried and tested

(Full disclosure: these gloves were provided to me for free as part of being on the 2011 Ergon Commuter Team.)

One of the perks of being on the Ergon Commuter team this year was a chance to try out a pair of Ergon's new gloves.  The lineup includes short and full finger gloves for "Racing Grips" (GS/GX) "Performance Comfort" (GP/GC) and "Technical" (GA/GE).  Since I am not much of a MTB'er I went with short-finger HC1s, which fall under the Performance Comfort group.

(Already well-loved HC1s.  Yes, that is sweat.)

I have a hard time with cycling gloves sometimes.  I have long skinny fingers and frequently find myself with gloves that fit in length but are huge around my hands/wrists.  I took a chance when ordering my HC1s and went with a medium instead of a large, hoping they would stretch a bit like every other pair of gloves I have owned.

So far that has really paid off.  After a few months of daily use they are still snug but comfortable.  I can't attest to their prowess on a MTB, but they have been great performers on my drop bar touring bike.  They are wearing in nicely and construction quality is excellent.

As others have noted, they lack a terrycloth snot wipe on the thumb/back.  I really would prefer this.  Instead they went with a microfiber-ish fabric over the thumb which suffices but is not really ideal.

If the proof is in the pudding, here it is: 

If I am going out for a ride of 5+ miles, I go looking for these gloves, every time.