Friday, September 2, 2011

Ergon PC2 Pedals reviewed

(Full disclosure: the PC2 pedals were provided to me at no cost as part of the 2011 Ergon Commuter Team).

At last!  Ok actually I got these more than a few weeks ago but I've been backed up on the blog. That said, aside from the BC3 backpack, these are the product I have been most excited about getting my hands on.  I knew I had the perfect application: the cargobike.

Meh.  Look at those unexciting Wellgo platforms.  We can do better than that!

While the PC2 is dubbed a commuter pedal, I knew that my riding style and touring bike wouldn't be the right application for these pedals.  Here's why:

They are pretty big.  Below, in the now-familiar eco-friendly Ergon packaging:

And, for a bit more perspective, here they are on the cargobike.

The PC2s come in two sizes, since the contact platform is shaped to ergonomically (GET IT?) fit your foot.  So I have the large size since I wear a 10.5US men's shoe.  

Here's the real deal about the PC2s: once installed, they require no thought at all.  Your foot just slides into where it is supposed to go, and you're off.  The contact platform is slightly concave, so it holds the ball of your foot.  There is a raised edge on your instep, so your foot can't slide too far in to the pedal.  Finally, somehow, Ergon is the only (?) company to have figured out that 3M knows a lot about surfaces, and the pedals have this amazing non-slip tack coating on the contact patch. (Seriously you guys should make a slimmer, rugged version of these pedals for gravity dorks, bmxers and Danny Macaskill).

I ride my cargobike in whatever footwear happens to be nearest the door.  Usually that is flip flops.  Sometimes a pair of trail runners.  It all works, and my feet stay right where they should be.

Here's the downside:  they are really big.  Did I say they are big already?  Cuz they are really big. My Surly LHT has a pretty low BB, and I would not put these pedals on that bike.  I already occasionally scrape my pedals riding too hard on that bike. But any bike that is ridden more casually or has a decently high BB would be a great candidate for these super-practical pedals.  

They are great on a cargobike.  Just ask GT.


rorowe said...

I've been waiting to get some pictures of mine to do a review. I won a pair through's Facebook page.
I put them on my commuter, even though, like you, I was worried about their size and pedal-strike. Thankfully, I haven't had a problem, and I'm loving the "no think" ergonomics. 100% yes to the 3M and amazing reflectors, though.

Anonymous said...

"My Surly LHT has a pretty low BB, and I would not put these pedals on that bike"

Not sure I get your point. The pedals are big, but unless they're platformers, why mention the height of your BB? The pedals are wide and long, but not overly tall/thick.

James said...


The issue is with cornering and the width of the pedals. Pedaling through a corner with wide pedals and a low BB is going to result in pedal strike. I frequently dealt with pedal strike on the LHT with much narrower pedals than the PC2s, so I would not advise putting them on any bike you might ride even moderately aggressively. On a relaxed city bike they are perfect.