Sunday, May 8, 2011

Denver Cargo Bike Race

This week I had a crazy idea:  racing our cargo bike against other cargo bikes.  What is not to love about this idea?  So I talked to Chris and he thought it was a swell idea too.

Here's what I am thinking initially.

1) All kinds of cargo bikes welcome.  Xtracycles, Utes, Madsens, Big Dummies, Mundos, Bakfiets, whatever you've got.

2) You'll have to carry some stuff.  Probably even load and unload your bike.

3) Most likely a lap race so lookers-on can have a central place to hang out.

4) Somewhere in Denver, central-ishly located.

So, if anybody out there has a cargo bike or has a friend that has a cargo bike, and you feel like hanging out with the owners of some other cargo bikes this summer, let me know.

1 comment:

Beau & CeCe said...

I'm thinking this will be a definitely reality in 2012! Looking forward to working with you on it :)

Pedal On ~ Allen