Monday, April 4, 2011

Ergon GR2 Grips - Out of the box

The first shipment from Ergon International for the commuter team was waiting for me when we got home from the hospital last week.  Finding a package addressed to:
James Osborne
Ergon Commuter Team
was pretty nice, and I was excited to see my new grips.  Here they are straight out of the box:

As evidenced by the BioKorks, Ergon is trying to reduce their impact on our planet, and they have done a great job of eliminating plastic with their packaging.  Check out the back of the package:

The second grip is inside of a recycled cardboard box (above).  The "display" drip slides onto a cardboard tube, rather than being trapped in impossible-to-open plastic packaging.  Here are the grips side-by-side:

While most of the folks on the commuter team opted for the GP1s, or the BioKork GP1s, I knew these were going on my icebike, and I wanted to have an additional hand position on that bike, since sometimes riding through 6-8" of slushy snow is a lot of work.

These are going to really round out changes that I've made to the icebike this year.  More on that later!


bikeolounger said...

I'm one of your teammates who ordered GP1 BioKork (but who got GP1 in black instead). I had thought to put the BioKork on my 1974 Raleigh 3-speed (and will get some for that bike), but put my first pair on my new winter commuter--a Globe Vienna 3 Disc that will accept studded snow tires for the month or so per year that icy roads are a problem for me.

I have been looking at the GR-2 grips as well as an alternative for the Vienna, and may yet do that.

I work in a shop, so I get a pretty good price on grips, and can afford to try a couple different pairs.

So far, I'm VERY happy with my GP-1 grips--they are much better than even the stock "winged" grips from Specialized that are on the Vienna.

Cheers, teammate!

Dave M said...

Hey those look sweet, I have the BioKorks myself and they feel amazing. Wouldnt mind seeing how these barends feel though. Hope the baby is well.

James said...

@Tom - Saw your Globe on your blog, looks sweet! Having a dedicated winter commuter has been a big plus for me over the past two years.

@Dave - Glad you like the BioKorks. I'll be ordering some this year for our cargo bike, since I am pretty unhappy with the stock grips so far. Once we get some snow (looks like I may have missed the end of winter this year) I'll do a report on the bar ends.
Ellsey (baby girl) is doing great - asleep at the moment, all I can ask for! Thanks!