Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Year In Review, etc

2009 was a good year to be a cyclist. Started off a little rough, as the icebike had some mechanical problems and there were a few days in early in the year that I had to have the Mrs cart me to and from the light rail. Once the extra-cold weather passed, things were easy.

The Surly had an excellent year! Really no drivetrain or mechanical issues at all. After about 5000 miles she was due for a new chain but that was about it. Tightened cables and replaced the brake pads (KoolStop Dual Compounds).

Bike maintenance aside, I had two major expenses related to my commute this year. I have written up about both of them, here about my new headlight and here about the Jandd commuter garment bag. Quicken tells me that between those two expenses, some basics and some RTD passes when I ride the icebike, 2009 cost me $537.55 to be a bike commuter. Not too bad.

2010 is off to a great start. After a few false starts, Jon and I successfully winterized the freehub on the icebike. No more pawl skipping and excellent performance from the drivetrain. At the recommendation of these guys I bought some Mag-1 and it has been working flawlessly in the freehub body. Weather in Denver has mostly been mild, with a few days in the single digits in the AM. Nothing we can't handle!

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