Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Project: Schwinn Collegiate

I have a new project that I am pretty excited about. Earlier this year my grandmother passed away, and in cleaning out the garage my mother found this:

Ok not the best picture sorry. So from my guess this is a mid-50's to mid-60's Schwinn Collegiate. 26" wheels and a nice chainguard:

It has tire-dynamo driven front and rear lights and some killer fenders.

Mechanically it appears to be in great condition. It is filthy from being garaged for 30 years but hasn't been in weather or ridden. Still has the original tires on it. The only thing I am worried about is the freewheel, which isn't turning much. It could just be dirty.

My goal is to clean it up and try to retain as many of the original parts as possible. Buying new tires and a chain are going to be the first big expenses.

I will post pictures as things come along. My first step is going to be to start disassembly and get some steel wool to clean up surface rust on the chrome.

More to come!

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