Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poor sad icebike tales

Well.  Icebike V2.0 had some problems.  After putting everything together, singlespeed conversion, etc, I was still having some drivetrain problems.  Which made me a bit frustrated.  With the help of the much more knowledgeable brother-in-law, it was determined that i had some freehub problems.

Jon and I got ambitious.  Stripped down the wheel, took the freehub body off the hub (thanks to borrowed tools from Golden Bear Bikes).  Completely rebuilt the freehub, I'm talking new bearings, the whole deal.  Put back together.  worked awesome.  took icebike home.  A few weeks later, we get a snowstorm, and I'm pretty excited about a functioning icebike.  except I got about halfway to the train and the pawls failed again, and I walked the bike the rest of the way to the train and from the train to the office in the snow.  It was not a happy morning.

It appears, on the surface, that the grease we used was too heavy for the application.  Probably could tear the whole thing apart again and use a lighter grease.  My plan was to just buy a new freehub body and replace it.  Went and pulled the specs for a 1995 Trek 800 (turns out the 1995 Trek 800 is a PIECE).  Looked at the hub this morning and it's a joytech, which, from my research means that the freehub body isn't easy to find.

I'm poking around craigslist for a replacement rear wheel with a real shimano hub so if the freehub does fail I can replace it.  So now that it's 80 outside I'll soon have an icebike again.

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